A Guide For The Mobile App Development Phases In Singapore

Based on the study conducted of the earnings generated by app stores, experts expressed their thoughts and noted that in 2020, the amount of revenue could reach nearly $80.5 billion.

Play Store has almost 2.8 million apps while its iOS App Store has almost 2.2 million apps. The huge number of apps reveals one thing that is certain and that is the "competition on the market. To mark your digital presence, you can also contact the mobile app & web application Development Company in Singapore.

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To be successful in the current competitive market you must ensure that you don't waste any precious time and resources. Find out more about the general understanding of the various phases of development for mobile applications to achieve the best outcomes from this process.


You see, it's not like one of those days an idea that is brilliant pops to mind and, within a matter of seconds, you are able to execute it! In actuality, you'll need to conduct lots of research, lots of market analysis and to ask yourself plenty of questions before going ahead with your concept.

Mental Prototyping

Before the technical aspect starts, there's too much mental effort! How? You can write everything on paper and pen. In the planning phase prior to your project, you will have an idea of the development costs total. 

Technical Part

It is important to realize that the backend functions, as well as the layout, are totally distinct, but they have to be synchronized in a manner. In addition, you shouldn't reduce the quality. The decision of which platform to select isn't easy. Each platform comes with distinctive features has its unique advantages.

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