All About HVAC Simulation

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are essential for a wide range of applications, from thermal comfort in office spaces, automobiles, and planes to data center cooling or indoor air quality in healthcare facilities.

Engineering simulation offers a fast and precise way for engineers as well as HVAC specialists to develop, analyze, and optimize their systems. You can browse to get HVAC simulation services.

hvac simulation

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Air Conditioning in the Office Space

The natural convective heat exchange analysis was conducted with fixed temperatures for the walls and inlet of air conditioning. But, other border conditions can be used like heat loss through windows or walls that are adiabatic.

Gas Distribution in Office Space

A passive analysis of scalar transport was conducted to determine the way gas enters rooms through the system of climate. The results highlight the gas's concentration when it is spread throughout the space.

Cooling of the Server Room

The analysis, which was a natural convective one, was performed to assess the airflow velocity and temperature fields in the server room. Based on the analysis the room layout and the position of the cooling units could be improved to improve performance and energy savings.

Car Cabin Airflow Analysis

A natural convective convection model was performed to test the internal airflow of the car cabin. The cabin features an air conditioning system that has four intakes situated on the front dashboard and an outlet vent in the hood. The initial car temperature was 30 degrees Celsius, and the temperature of the airflow was set at 10 degrees Celsius.

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