Basic Gold Mining Equipment For The Hobbyist

Gold panning and mining is a terrific hobby, and the great thing is that the simple gold mining gear for the weekend recreational prospector isn't going to cost you a fortune. If you want to explore more about gold mining equipment you can visit

So if you're hankering to get out there and find some gold on your own, you can round up your fundamental gold getting gear quickly and reasonably.

Online shops can demonstrate the simple gold panning devices you need, and save yourself the trouble of finding a local shop that shares such things. Even in the golden country, it may take a little research to discover a store.

So, what exactly are we looking at for the fundamentals?

A gold pan. It cannot get more central than that. Gold pans come in various shapes and sizes and attributes. A very simple little black plastic pan can be had for about three to five dollars, depending on the size. The larger blue or green plastic pans can vary from maybe eight bucks up to over twenty, depending on the sort of built-in attributes the pan has – and its dimensions.

One feature that's crucial for any fantastic pan is that its riffles formed into one or more sides of the pan. These make it much easier to keep the gold as the gravel is passed across the lip of the pan in the panning procedure to decrease the amount of material from the pan.

Plastic is lighter, does not rust, and is significantly simpler and quicker to learn on than the metal pans.

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