Benefits of Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Many people are faced with weight loss problems that have not found a solution that would make them lose weight permanently. The supermarkets are flooded these days by protein shakes, diet pills, and other crazy dieting fads that are introduced by various business entities just to get the attention of people who are overweight.

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The diet industry is a billion-dollar industry and it's not showing any sign of slowing down. How many diets have you tried only to find yourself boomeranging back to the biscuit tin? Who doesn't know that the key to weight loss is eating less and exercising more?

It's certainly not 'information' that we lack. If you recognize any of the below and it hasn't changed yet then it's unlikely you will change it through 'conscious' will alone and it may be time to try hypnotherapy for weight loss.

• Emotional eating

• Eating when you're not hungry

• Compulsive eating (asking yourself why you're doing it but finding yourself unable to stop)

• The binge – guilt – punishment cycle.

Your unconscious beliefs (that you probably aren't even aware of but are uncovered during hypnotherapy for weight loss) drive your relationship with food. As children, we might have been told to 'finish everything on our plate' and these old messages may still be playing out.

Or perhaps we grew up with a mother who fretted about her weight, or perhaps we saw food as 'love' and this is how we comfort and 'love' ourselves today, when feeling low, bored, stressed or lonely.

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