Cake Decoration: Turn Your Hobby Into Career

Bakery business has its own advantages. Cake decoration is a specific branch of big private enterprise bakeries. You may work over there as a cake decorator.

There are two ways to achieve this goal, the first and most successful is to obtain a professional qualification. This ultimately leads to self-confidence and the ability to decorate even the most complex of the wedding cake.

The second way and the way that most people follow is starting with making a birthday cake for children, which leads naturally to a request from family and friends. And although you will never make much money it gives valuable experience.

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If working from home for Food Hygiene Certificate is required. This part-time course is available through local universities. Moreover, the kitchen must be passed by an inspector from the Department of Environmental Health to ensure escape strict hygiene rules.

A good investment is a large food mixer, cake tins, and good quality. Cheap cans tend to bend when the full mix, and pastries that require a long time to cook, can burn out. New cans can be hired. It is much easier to use than trying to cut shapes out of the cake, as the result could – crumbs everywhere!

It pays to use the best quality ingredients, the customer finally forgets about the price of the cake, but they always remember the taste. Needless to say, there is no alternative to butter. Buy dried fruit is needed, when it's nice and fat – it shrinks with age. Eggs are also deteriorating. Buy organic eggs well in a date stamp.

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