Difference Between Chinese and Japanese Screens

The composition of the illustrations on your screen will tell you if it is Japanese or Chinese. There are many types of screens which are used for different purposes like for offices, hospitals and also for personal use. You can search online for more queries related to medical screens at https://www.silentiascreens.com/products/.

A Japanese screen and Chinese screens are known for their creative screens designs. Chinese screen uses the entire screen to show an image. The main focal point of the screen will be the center.

You can also tell if the screen is Chinese or Japanese by looking at the type of illustration. When placed next to a Japanese-style screen, the illustrations on Chinese screens will appear far more complex. 

The Japanese illustrations were more focused on symbolism than the Chinese. Although the Chinese screens featured romantic scenes with swans and gorgeous scenery, they didn't necessarily have the same underlying meanings as the Japanese.

You can look at the construction methods and materials of the screen. The Japanese paid more attention to the materials used in their screens. It is easy to see the care and intricate use made of different timbers in a traditional Japanese home.

It is not surprising that this intricate use of different timbers was carried over to the creation of their screens. It is difficult to tell if there is any timber in some Chinese screens. One traditional method to protect the timber was to use clay to cover it. They could then apply their designs to a fine, polished surface.


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