Essential Tips To Follow After Getting Inked

Getting inked is an unforgettable moment in everyone's life and also a big commitment because it is something permanent. Tattoos add color to the pigment in your skin, and because the tattoo sits directly on top of it, you must treat the tattoo area after getting inked.

We told you in advance what to consider before getting your first tattoo. And now we will tell you how to take care of the post after it has been blackened. The good news is that tattoos are easy to care for and don't take much time and effort. You can also buy after-inked tattoo lotion from After Inked for proper healing.

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Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Don't cover the tattoo after it's inked

People get inked for a variety of reasons. Some enjoy showing off their body art while others just show it off to a few special people. It doesn't matter who it is, once you get a tattoo, leave it open so it can heal faster. 

Use warm water to clean your tattoo

Use warm water and soap to clean your tattoo for the first few days as your skin will still grow and heal. Warm water soothes the skin. Unless necessary, you shouldn't use soap, but if you do find one, peel it off with soap. 

Apply moisturizer

Your skin will likely dry out, and the scabs from your tattoo will disappear after a few days. This is extra ink that dries and falls off, thus drying out the skin as well. Apply a thick moisturizer to soothe your skin.

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