Get An Air Fryer To Enjoy Healthy Fried Foods

Air fryers guarantee ‘fried’ foods with no oil. Although they look similar to mini-ovens but are far better than that. You can cook foods, deep fry and shallow fry them. If you want to make crispy fries from scratch, then you can cook them easily. If you are fond of frozen foods, then chicken nuggets and grill smaller cuts of meats are an option to select from for Air frying.

What to consider while buying an air fryer?

Space: Make sure that there is enough space available inside the fryer. You can check the reviews of the best air fryer consumer reports. There are mainly two shapes available tall and fat or Short and slightly thinner. If you are going with the top mount model, then there should be enough space available in the kitchen so that you can easily open the top lid.

Cleaning: Most of the air fryer parts are easy and simple to clean. You can clean them even in the dishwasher. If there is a non-stick coating inside the fryer, then you can even prefer cleaning by hand.

Controls: Two types of controls mainly available in the Air Fryer. One is digital and the other one is the dial. Dial controls are less accurate and simply feature timer dial. You can set it for 30 minutes. Whereas if we talk of the touch display, then you will find several new features like timer, temperature, and pre-programmed settings.

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