How To Cook Indian Food

An Indian meal is beautiful, diverse and flavorsome. If you always thought Indian food to be just 'curry', Indian food has a wide variety of dishes to suit almost every palate. If you are thinking of starting an Indian restaurant in Richardson, it is a good idea to start with the basics such as simple staple foods such as rice dal (lentils), Rotis (fresh bread), and Sabzi (simple vegetable dishes). To know about best indian restaurants in richardson visit 

Staples of Indian cuisine

Yes, Indians love desserts and rich dishes, but the reality is that no one eats them every day. The food is saved for special occasions. Most households Indian cook simple meals. Typical Indian meal consists of rice or dal, roti, Sabzi, and yogurt. People who support non-vegetarian food will usually eat rice or rotis, dal, and chicken or fish curry.

Freshness and cooking from scratch is the most basic of Indian food

Indians love fresh ingredients and on certain days, Indian bazaar is filled with people stocking up on fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish for food to be cooked on the day. You will be amazed at how beautifully simple vegetables can be turned into wonderful dishes with minimal use of masalas flavorsome and oil!

The 'Masalas'

Indian spices adore them. The idea is to get your basics right and stop believing that all Indian food contains 'curry powder'! Many Indian dishes can be cooked with little or no masalas as well.



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