How To Quote Roof Repair Work Roof Replacement?

Contractors used to offer an estimate or quote roof repair work that does not generate a real employment contract: homeowners simply "investigating" or decide at a cheaper price.

In the case of roof installation or roof repair work, this can involve hours of computation, arrival, and departure to the potential employer, and even raising and lowering the ceiling where you may never work.

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You can easily cite the roof repair work directly from the ground and even by phone or email if the homeowner can provide multiple measurements and images.

Some complicated roofs may need to climb on them and take accurate measurements on the ceiling, sidewalls, chimneys, and attics, or check for rot or damage, but most estimates of the roof can be made on the ground by following these simple steps.

Measuring home and calculate the slope of the roof

Draw a simple diagram on the palate, notes, and mark all changes in inclination, chimneys, plumbing vents, and another penetrating element.

Then all parts of the exterior wall are measured from corner to corner, adding a projection or on the ceiling. Write down these measurements in their appropriate place in the diagram.

Next, calculate the slope of the roof, usually defined in inches. Some customers know what their roof slope and can give it to them, but decide for themselves easily.

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