How to Remove Unwanted Sunless Tanning Products

Getting your sunless tanning product to give you a tan that's just right may take some work, and you shouldn't be afraid to use the more expensive products, since these will usually give you a more realistic sunless tan. But if you don't apply them correctly, even the more sophisticated self-tanning products can leave you with a color that is not natural-looking.

If you have splotches or uneven color from your freckles with fake tan or its application, the fading effect will be what will save you if you overdid it with your sunless tan product. If it's just feet that look strange or hands, if you forgot to wear gloves or use a sponge, this can be fixed by simply waiting several days. As your outer skin layer sheds, the color will come off with it. That's if you can wait for this to happen naturally.

If your sunless tanning has left you with unwanted color and you need to go to work or to an event, there are tips to remove self tanning product. Use baking soda as a first attempt. Put a small pile of baking soda on a clean washcloth and then rub it gently on your skin, after you have dampened it. Baking soda will help to exfoliate your skin, and this will speed up your sunless tanning loss. You can use it without the problems associated with bleach or peroxide since they are harsh chemicals. Don't rub too much, even if you really need to get the self-tanning product off. Give your skin a gentle rub, rinse it off and then give your skin a few hours to lose the color before you try again.

You can also fill your bathtub with warm water, and add baking soda so that you can soak in it. This is especially valuable if you have blotches or orange areas over your whole body. Baking soda has whitening properties that will help to bleach the false-color from your skin. You can use a loofah to scrub elbows, ankles, feet, and other places where sunless tan products can collect and create splotches.

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