How Video Testimonials Can Boost Your Sales

Video is a medium that people love and enjoy using. We are all used to television and watching the video and so it is a great way to educate and overcome objections on the Internet. With the wide availability of high-speed Internet access, video is becoming more and more popular every day.

If you are creating sales letters and selling products then you will be using testimonials. These are usually text, sometimes with a picture of the person giving the testimonial and often their name and a location such as a state or country. You can look for the best video testimonials examples online.

How To Get Video Testimonials From Customers

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A video testimonial however is a completely different kettle of fish. Video shows a real person who is giving a real testimonial about the product and bizarrely enough because it is video people are much more likely to trust it.

If you are using sales letters then you want to push to get video testimonials from people because it will help you a lot with sales. If you think about all the big product launches these days, they all have plenty of video testimonials telling you how great the program is.

Used properly, video testimonials can help to improve your conversion rates and make your sales letter perform much better. If you can get your users to provide testimonials in a video form then it is going to help the performance of your sales letter significantly.

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