Hypnobirthing – Can Birth Really Be Pain Free?

When a woman is in tune with her body and is able to relax her mind along with her muscles, the birthing process is much easier. We already know that what lingers in the mind is felt by the body as real so using mind/body relaxation techniques is very helpful anytime, and especially during labor.

Relaxing and breathing is something that is not easy during the intense labor process but with practice, the woman is able to relax the muscles, especially the muscles of the uterine that facilitate the entire process. You can get information about centers of hypnobirthing in Collaroy via blueskylife.com.au/hypnobirthing-classes-northern-beaches-sydney/.

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It incorporates the use of breathing techniques, self-hypnosis and imagery for a shorter and easier birthing process. Hypnobirthing techniques help to eliminate fear, believed to be the main cause of pain and birth complications.

Many times we are afraid of the unknown and are heightened with many subtle suggestions that are common with our cultural experience with birth. The hypnobirthing techniques will help a woman reclaim her body, learn to relax and enjoy the process of childbirth.

You are fully aware of the entire process and in full control, as a woman should be. You will be completely relaxed and aware of your body's surges. Here are some of the advantages of using Hypnobirthing techniques:

  • Removes the fear associated with childbirth
  • Reduces the need for chemical painkillers
  • Eliminates the fatigue associated with childbirth
  • Reduces the first stage of labor by several hours
  • Promotes the special bonding between mother and child as well as a birthing partner

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