Jamaican Rum Punch Recipe For Cool Treats

Rum is considered to be the oldest distilled alcohol in the world and is made in the Caribbean. In Jamaica, the Appleton Rum Estate has been refining sugar from rum for over 200 years and is the most popular drink on the island. 

For more tips and ideas for making great, traditional Jamaican dishes, you can view jamaican rum punch recipe at https://www.punchm.co.uk/products/. With a very sweet taste, rum is often used to make fruit punch and coconut cocktails that are refreshing. 

The following drinks are available throughout Jamaica and are cool treats to compliment any meal and the island's summer temperatures all year round.

Jamaican rum punch


* 1 bottle of Jamaican gold rum

* 1 bottle dark rum carousel

* 1 bottle of Jamaican rum

* Lon gallon of orange juice

* Lon gallon of pineapple juice

* 1 glass of lime juice

* Spray grenadine for staining

* Splash of bitter angostura


Beat all the ingredients together in a large airtight container or mix well in a large bowl. Serve over ice and garnish with a lime wedge, cherry, and mint leaves or a slice of pineapple and cinnamon stick.

These steps are very easy to follow to make the rum punch as per the taste of your tongue. These are several flavors available to make the best recipe for Jamaica rum punch.

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