Meeting The Needs of The Metal Industry Through Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is the turning of plain metal sheets to various forms and shapes that it is meant to take. They are in use in the automobile industry, shipbuilding, and more nearer home, in the manufacture of cupboards and utensils. Although the processes that shape the bare pieces tend to change with each use, there are a few common steps that most metalwork at metal fabrication would go through.

Cutting of sheet metal: This is the first step in the process. Here, the large sheets are cut into various shapes. Sheet cutting is done with a manual process with a cutting tool or with the aid of cutting machines. The most frequent form of sheets required to arrive at than drawing or through a computer rendering process.

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Bending of sheet:  After having been cut into various shapes, the sheets are then bent or pressed into various shapes. Different pneumatic machines are used at this stage or at the time of the formation of metal shapes manually done with the help of pliers and scissors.

Joined: In this final phase of metalwork, separate forms of metal are joined together by welding or similar methods to produce a complete piece of work. If pieces of stainless steel metal then they should be joined by welding stainless steel.

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