Mindful Meditation – Touching The Untouched Aspect Of Your Life

Mindful meditation is all about being present in your life. It is a practice that helps you become truly proactive. Usually have found that human nature is reactive to everything. Everything we do is most of the times just a reaction of what we think or feel.  If you are looking for Mindfulness: The proven path to wellbeing and extraordinary leadership then make an online search.

It is very important for you to understand that due to the reactive nature of this, we always pursue the endless cycle of frustration and conflict. We can convert this unhappiness and disappointment in an endless cycle of pleasure and tranquility to remain neutral feelings and thoughts.

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This is what conscious meditation is all about. There are aspects of ourselves that has remained untouched for most of our lives. Spontaneous aspect of this untouched and intact. We can connect with this untouched aspect to practice a form of meditation.

Filling Yourself With Positive Energy

It is not easy to reach the magical powers of consciousness. It is demanding for continuous and sincere practice. conscious meditation very much like other forms of meditation. The only difference is that you do not have to focus on something lovely as you keep your eyes closed and read the mantra meditation. You have to achieve neutral feeling about everything. Whatever thoughts come into your mind, you just let them enter.

But, make sure that you must be neutral with respect to these thoughts. It does not matter much whether they thought was good or bad, you have to give them the same level of attention. 

The advantages

There is an almost endless benefits of meditation practice. 

  • Broken the vicious circle of thoughts, feelings, and reactions.
  • You no more get attracted towards the negative energy.
  • You no more attempt to circumvent the entire universe. You have to learn to be humble. You have learned a valuable lesson surrender and gratitude.
  • You have increased the level of happiness and joy.
  • You have increased acceptance, compassion and tolerance.
  • A feeling of durability and increased relaxation.

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