Newest Spiral Binding Machine

How do you protect your pages when creating a presentation or report? Do you share loose pages or use a 3-ring binder and a hole punch? You may have tried pinning the page or binding it with one of those big black staples.

Imagine if all your documents could be linked quickly and cheaply. You can create professional documents with leading book binding manufacturers via PEL manufacturing. You can also archive your binding products online.

The manual binding machine can drill 19 holes per minute for up to 15 sheets of paper. You have a choice between cable or plastic ties. 

You can even choose a color to highlight your work. With a small machine you can collect manuscripts of up to 200 pages. You can easily carry most handheld machines anywhere because they are light and portable.

The electric spiral fastener works like a manual machine, except the holes are drilled automatically. It can also save time. Some machines can only be operated by pressing a button. Others require foot pedals. 

This second option allows you to align your pages during the cropping process. Any machine can be used for wire or plastic bonding. On some machines you can use both.

Information is power. You must never lose important information if you want to stay ahead of the game. With one of the spiral binding machines you can sweeten your customer's day. A professional presentation increases your chances of winning someone's heart.

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