Reasons to Use Access Control Systems For Business & Government Security

Building management is one of the main concerns of property managers and builders who want to improve corporate security. Multiple exterior and interior doors, the presence of sensitive or restricted areas, and heavy traffic all contribute to increasing safety concerns. An access control system can help solve many of these problems and minimize unauthorized access.

Which access management system is best for you depends on your specific security needs. The four methods are described in detail below.

Sliding card without access

These cards have a magnetic strip that contains information about the cardholder. The card reader scans the cassette and allows or rejects the appropriate input. The cards are relatively inexpensive and each user can have a different unique identifier to track input and output.

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Biometric scanner

This type of system requires the user to enter some kind of biological information in addition to or in lieu of an access card. The most common types are retinal (eye) and fingerprint scanners. Palm scanners or voice activation systems can also be used.

keyboard system

The user enters the code assigned to the keypad to gain access to the building or area. Electronic keyboards are difficult to manipulate and can be reprogrammed if the code needs to be changed. Each user can be assigned a unique passcode to track records.

Smart card or proxy card reader (proximity card)

They are similar to sliding cards, except that the user information is contained in a microchip and not a magnetic tape. They are safer and less susceptible to damage than keyless magnetic passes.

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