Remain Positive And Wear Hairpiece To Look Beautiful

There are many reasons why you have to stay positive in your self-perception and how you cope with this new challenge in your life. You really have to love yourself and staying positive will help you fight the disease more efficiently.

You start losing hair within two weeks of the first chemotherapy session. First of all, you must realize that hair loss from chemotherapy is temporary. You must need a cover for a few months. You should find a decent freedom hairpiece for now. 

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There are many dealers, brands, and salons that sell chemo wig in Australia and I would highly recommend you pick one.

Chemo-induced hair loss tends to be incomplete and partial. Thus, you should choose a full wig. There are also available custom made wigs that fit you the best scalp. However, this wig takes time to get ready and they are obviously expensive.

Wigs can be made from synthetic hair and real human hair and real human hair wigs tend to be expensive. So basically, you get four kinds of wigs, ready-made or bespoke wigs, made of either human hair or synthetic yarn. 

Washing the wig becomes necessary only after half a dozen disposable and you can use shampoo to wash it. When not using it, you should put it on a mannequin or wig stand up special.

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