Seed Jewellery – The Way Fashion Came to Love Seeds

Do not rub your eyes in case you visit fashionistas sporting seed jewelry this year. Your eyes are not deceiving you. Seed-based jewelry is making a massive comeback, after decades in the wilderness when seeds have been scorned as outmoded 'hippy' style just worn on communes from the lentil-eating, sackcloth-wearing fraternity.

Ever thought of why glass adornments? African seed jewelry is currently becoming more and more stylish, as the 'tribal chic' vibe keeps growing. Stylish designers add tribal accents to accessories and clothes.

It is about the best way to use the seeds, what substances you combine them with, and using colors in jewelry which are turning those misconceptions concerning seed-based jewelry in their mind. So keep reading to find out exactly what the score is using seed jewelry:

• Seeds have been blended with metals to provide them a more urban, stylish edge. We are currently seeing seed beads utilized with silver, brass, and aluminum. Specifically, sharp, geometric shapes combined with the natural types of pure seeds may be real showstoppers.

• Most seeds do often come in natural earthy colors. However, if browns, greys, and blacks are not your styles, do not despair!  

• Seeds may also be combined with other valuable and semi-precious rocks to stunning effect. Amethyst, rock crystal, tiger eye, and onyx are hot things to combine with seeds this year.

• There's some jewelry you won't even realize has been produced with seeds. If it is possible to track down a provider of rings produced in the Tucuma seed, then you are in for a treat. 

• Ultimately, seed-based jewelry, and particularly seed bracelets, make the ideal spring and summer accessories.

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