Tackle Hi Vis Clothing in the Fashion Conscious Way

It's time to air your clothes.

The clock has recently been turned back by an hour in the UK, which means your return journey will now be dark. Longer winter nights have their benefits: snuggling with loved ones by the fire, snuggling in bed with smoky tea and a book, and more snuggles overall. But for people who have to work late, an extra hour in the dark can mean a dangerous extra hour, especially for those who have to work outside.

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City workers, paramedics, wardens, and guards at intersections have to wear tall clothes, but in winter the opportunity to be noticed becomes even more important, and not only when working outdoors. On gloomy winter nights, the commute to and from work becomes a little more dangerous. 

However, Hivis trousers and jackets are no match for the fashion world, so the inclusion of high-visibility menswear is impossible to see on the subway or bus. And unless someone finds a way to coordinate hi-vis bags and hi-vis shoes, it's unlikely that hi-vis clothing for women will ever hit the market.

Fashion-conscious people can avoid the need for reflective clothing by wearing a light coat or jacket to maintain the security and anonymity of a gray and black business suit. It's also a good idea to consider using high-visibility tape on your shoes. You don't have to be clear about this; Some straps on the sole and heel look great when walking.

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