Know About Web Developer

Web development involves many different technologies. But at the core of it is the web developer's responsibility to make sure customers get a website that does what they want.

There is a big difference between a web developer and a web designer. You can visit many online sources to get website design companys services in Melbourne.

1. Plan the design and functionality of the website

Usually, web developers take time to write the code that makes up a website. When you get a web project contract, there's a lot of planning and analysis to do.

At this point, web designers tend to be hired to ensure their projects meet customer requirements.

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2. Create business logic as instructed by the customer

After completing the planning and analysis stage, the web developer starts developing the website. This includes working with client technologies such as HTML, CSS, and Java as well as server technologies such as PHP and .NET.

3. Implementation of web design

You may think that once the website development is complete, the web designer will start implementing the website. The web developer has a duty to implement the web design of the website.

4. Testing

Testing is perhaps the most important and often overlooked part of any web development project. If the website has a critical initial error, the customer is risking a lot of money and of course a lot of reliability.