Shaker Style Still a Cabinetry Classic

Shaker cabinets have become a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom cabinets for years. This style has a timeless elegance about it, making it the ideal solution whether you are renovating your kitchen or bathroom.

When searching for your cabinet will be presented with two types of doors, no sheets and shaker. The sheets are smooth solid piece of wood, no details, and they are plain, elegant and stylish. Shaker, on the other hand, has a texture and personality, making it a classic cupboard that will still be around in years to come.

Shaker style cabinet designs are more textured, often looks like a square within a square, or a rectangle set in a rectangle with a recess between the two. What makes this such a popular choice is that it is timeless, it will blend in with the design of the kitchen and it will still look fantastic in twenty years or more.

Even better, is that shaker style cabinets come in a number of different woods and colors. Those who seek to create a kitchen that are environmentally friendly can choose from a selection of bamboo spectacular, while those looking for a good and a choice of solid wood can go to the many options other wood available on the market, including cherry, birch and oak, just to mention a few ,

Shaker fantastic classic display cabinets system when integrated with granite worktops. The sheer beauty of natural stone combined with the door, making them stand out. Because worktops are so flat and smooth, the flexibility to make sure that your kitchen cabinets look amazing.