Dry Ice Blasting Services For Small Business in Quebec

Dry ice blasting can be just a sort of abrasive janitorial industrial cleaning which employs a good sort of carbon dioxide called dry ice hockey. Pellets or ice hockey is taken through the pressurized airflow of one hose or 2 nozzle machines.

Which system is most useful? Most systems now are the only real nozzle technology. One benefit of this single-hose process is the fact that it avoids the probable dangers of a pressurized hopper by using a speedy cycle airlock. Get to know more about the efficient dry ice blasting services in Quebec for more information.


Dry ice blasting services include:

  • Safe

  • Powerful

  • Cost-efficient

  • Non-abrasive

  • Non-conducive

This groundbreaking cleansing system works exceptionally well in charged work surroundings. Because suspended CO2 (dry ice) is just a gas, it can not conduct power rendering it the ideal cleaning medium for both worker safety, plant efficacy, and corporate growth.

Dry ice blast cleaning this pricey equipment removes the probability of injuries, premature deterioration around close-tolerance bits and the procedure can be performed as the machines are running and online at capacity to get rid of downtime and lost earnings.

The blast-cleaning process enhances printing quality and significantly decreases litter levels; raising sustainability and prolonging the life span of high-priced printing media parts including chains, motors, fans along gripper bars.

If you're interested or have a certain cleansing challenge that you require assistance with, look for an organization willing to offer you a demo of dry ice blast cleaning for actions. Get the best services in Quebec.