How To Check Your Home Renovations Contractor Is A True Professional

Renovations can be stressful, and coming home to a dusty mess or piles of rubble only compounds the stress. A true professional understands this and won't leave you to deal with the aftermath. He'll leave your home clean so you're free to start enjoying your new reno right away.

You want someone who will treat your house and your renovation project as if it were his own home. You can also search for the best renovation contractor via

Here are three signs that a home renovations contractor is a true professional who will do the job right:

He wears a uniform: This might seem like a small detail. However, a uniform conveys the idea that the contractor and his company cares about image. They have gone the extra mile to promote their brand, which means they stand behind both their products and their workmanship. It also shows a sense of professionalism and pride in work.

He returns phone calls: It's frustrating when you're trying to get information from a home renovations contractor and he won't return phone calls. A true professional will follow up on any messages that you leave (voicemail and email alike) in a timely manner. A quick response shows that he cares about your needs.

He draws up a detailed written contract: A written contract protects both you and him. It should state exactly what kind of work is going to be done and the agreed-upon price. If changes occur during the process of renovating (this often happens), the contract should be amended appropriately to reflect that.