Is Competitive Team Building A Good Thing?

There is a lot of discussion going on all over the Internet about a value or a team competitive in nature.  Competition is a fact of business life. It is obviously true for any organization in the private sector from an external perspective, but I think it also applies to all organizations, regardless of the sector they are in, internally.

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The best team, in part, only because they want to be the best. The spirit of competition is a strong motivator for any teams and organizations of all kinds will certainly want to encourage all the teams want to be the best.

Taking a broader view of the team, because all in the same boat and other similar analogy means that all the team needs to do their bit in moving the boat forward and toward a common goal.

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Faster and smoother each team handle their part of the journey, the more successful we all. The reality is that competition is a fact of life in the workplace. Some may prefer that did not happen, but you cannot buck human instinct.

The company that I work for has a number of options designed to encourage collaboration between teams, but they still have competition there somewhere. Without it, we would not have a real alignment back to the workplace that are the hallmark of the best team activities and will do our clients a disservice.