Cheap Fitness Trackers – A Comprehensive Review

Cheap fitness trackers are all the rage in the world of health and fitness these days, especially as we all continue to try and improve our health and slow down the development of serious illness and disease. At the same time, fad diets and gimmicks have become the norm instead of the exception. It is very easy to buy into all the latest fad products when it comes to fitness and health, but it pays to do your research and understand what you are buying. Some of the best cheap fitness trackers on the market today such as those featured on, have some very useful features to help keep track of your progress and allow you to compare yourself to others.

One of the best cheap fitness trackers on the market today is the Garmin HRM-X6 which features a heart rate monitor, watch, and weight scale. It does not only track your heart rate, but also your speed and calories burned. Also, it has a smartwatch feature which allows you to keep track of your fitness goals through the use of push pins or virtual goals which can be set up online. You can also compare your progress with friends and family and get motivators to continue working out and reaching your goals.

If you are looking for one of the best cheap fitness trackers on the market without breaking the bank, the Garmin Aviation GPS is the device for you. The GPS navigation device has an in-built compass, a high-resolution map, a touch pad, a button for changing display settings, a Bluetooth connection for downloading workout info to your phone and a high-definition camera which allows you to take action videos and images. It also has a two-way voice recognition feature that allows you to simply say "OK Google" and the device will recognize your commands.

Another GPS device with an inexpensive price tag is the Forerunner NRG II with onboard GPS. This is one of the cheapest GPS trackers available, however, if you need more features you may need to pay a little bit more. It also comes with a heart rate monitor, a memory card, a low impact computerized running watch, a water-resistant exterior with an ultra-light body and light-weight gps straps. It also includes a smartwatch and can upload information from your Fitbit or MyFitness pal effortlessly to your phone via Bluetooth. This tracker has the advantage of being very easy to use, while still giving you the most out of its affordability.

If price tags are a concern, then the Basque Running Watch from Amazfit is perfect for you. It is a great cheap fitness gadget that you can use to keep track of your fitness routines without having to spend tons of money on fancy gadgets that don't really deliver the results you want. The Basque runs on an accurately scaled model of your body, so it is able to determine exact resistance levels and calories burned based on your size and weight. With an accurate estimator, you can set goals, make adjustments, get motivated and continue to push yourself with its powerful features.

The best thing about these two cheap fitness trackers is that they have fantastic features at affordable prices. You should take a look at each product description to see exactly what it has to offer. Whether you want a chest monitor, a pulse oximeter, a foot pod, or other optical sensors, then you will find all of them with these two brands. Once you start using your new device, you will start getting good results and will notice how much more motivated you feel to stick with your workout routines.