Know About The Basic Steps To Paver Patio Construction

Some basic steps to paver patio construction are:

1. First, determine the area or size of your patio in square feet. This information will be used to estimate the materials required later. Use a small amount of white spray paint to mark the area.

2. Calculate the material needed and choose desired pavers. Most concrete and paver dealers will give you an estimate of how many pavers are required for each square foot. You can also get paver patio installation services at


Base material and sand should also be estimated. A 100-square-foot area of approximately 1 1/2 yards will hold a 4" compacted foundation. 

3. It is essential to dig and prepare for a solid paver base. This will take the longest time. If you have a shovel or loader, excavate with it. Make sure to follow local digging laws to avoid any buried cables. The base should be 6-8 inches below the patio's height.

If pavers are used, 2 inches will be required to support the pavers. To protect the base and provide better support, use landscape fabric underneath the gravel. Poor soil, recent house constructions, or disturbed soil may necessitate a deeper foundation. Next, use a wheelbarrow, shovel, or loader to get the gravel base into place. Finally, rake it up until it reaches an approximate level.

For more strength, secure the pavers with spikes at 2 feet apart. You can also use the compactor to pack your patio.