Three Different Ways to Make Dead Sea Salt

Dead Sea Salt has been used for centuries to heal, cleanse and treat acne. But did you know that there are two types of dead sea salt that can be used in your life today? What's the difference between the two? If you are aware of this you will be more likely to use the Dead Sea Salt that is made from the seawater at sea level.

The sea salt is produced by evaporating water from the seas. The water then evaporates and gives off heat, which is converted into salt.

The products that you see being sold on the stores are those that are being dried at sea level. This is because the air has already evaporated. When this dried it becomes dust, which then gets into dustbin. So you will only get a small amount of product with these dried salts.

There are two ways to make Dead Sea Salt that can be used in your life today. The first is to harvest it from the Dead Sea Salt fields. These are the salt mines that the sea salt was harvested in.

When harvesting this salt it is usually done on a weekly basis or monthly basis. For this reason the Dead Sea Salt is only going to be harvested every year.

The second way is to produce the Dead Sea Salt that is found within the sea itself. Dead Sea Salt is made from all the salt that exists in the sea. It is also high in sodium, and the salt that you find in the sea is refined from the salt at sea level.

The sea salt is mostly mined. Once you have harvested it, you will have to process it before it can be made into Dead Sea Salt. For this process you will need large tanks, which is going to take some time.

The Dead Sea Salt that is mined is the salt that exists in the sea and it is kept in tanks that are under glass. They are normally kept at sea level to maintain their purity. After they have processed it, it goes through another process, which is known as de-mineralization.

When de-mineralization is done the Dead Sea Salt is stripped of the minerals that are present in it. The minerals are separated from the salt by centrifugal force. This method is called "Pure De-Mineralization".

The third way of making Dead Sea Salt is using the sea salt found at sea level. It is not as pure as the Dead Sea Salt that is used for the first method. It also isn't as big as the sea salt that is used in the first method.

Although there are differences in the two methods, both methods are extremely good. There are many websites that will guide you as to how to process the Dead Sea Salt, and the benefits of having this salt in your life.

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