Thunderbolt Extended Battery For Personal And Business Use

There are a number of business professions that would benefit from using Thunderbolt extended batteries with their phones. Cable and telephone companies, plumbers, construction workers, computer repair technicians, postal workers and other parcel delivery services, among many others.

Using an extended battery for your Thunderbolt can benefit individuals looking to get more out of their phone for both personal use and business use. You can buy affordable thunderbolt extended batteries through

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Here are some plain-and-simple benefits to using a Thunderbolt extended battery:

  • Extends the battery life of your Thunderbolt by up to double
  • Will not void the manufacturer's warranty on your phone
  • Allows you to leave the key features of your phone turned on throughout the day 
  • You will have a far greater overall talk time
  • Prevents you from needing to recharge your phone in the middle of the day
  • Can also act as a "backup" battery on extended outings

As mentioned above, using a Thunderbolt extended battery will allow you to keep some of the great features of your phone turned on, such as the GPS, WiFi, and AutoSync, and in addition will allow you the benefit of extended moving viewing, music streaming, game playing, texting, and the list goes on.

A Thunderbolt extended battery also has many practical applications for businesses. Companies employing workers that are frequently out in the field or service residential customers, for instance, are perfect examples. These business people are constantly on their cell phones, making calls back to their local branch or headquarters, and more often than not will need to charge their Thunderbolt cell phone prior to the end of their workday. 

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