Troubleshooting – Some Common Problems When Repairing Car Air Conditioner

If the temperature outside starts to rise, it's likely that you'll be using the air conditioner more often. This increased usage also increases the likelihood of errors occurring. If the air conditioner is not blowing cool air in your car, things can get uncomfortable quickly. 

Before seeing a specialist in automotive air conditioning repair, take a few steps to see if you can fix the problem yourself. Even if you can't fix it, you can still better explain the problem to a professional you might hire. Basically, air is exhaled through a very cold liquid.

The Most Common A/C Problem & How to Fix It - AC Pro

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Check for Leaks:- Leaks are often easy to spot but very difficult to fix. Most auto accessory stores carry a light paint that can be injected into the air conditioner, which will reveal leaks. The container contains instructions for use.

Checking the compressor:- Checking the compressor is easy. Just start the car and turn on the AC. Check under the hood when the car starts. Compressors come in many shapes and designs, but generally they are pumps on one side of the motor with a large hose. They usually have valves that resemble valve stems. There is usually a washing machine on the front of the device.

Add refrigerant:- If the compressor looks good and there are no leaks, you may not need to repair the vehicle's A/C system at all. Turn on the air conditioner in the car. If the air coming out is still a bit cold, you may not have enough refrigerant. You can buy a box of R-134a at any car dealer. Be careful not to mess with your system. Adding more than the recommended amount of refrigerant will do no good and increase the risk of system damage.

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