Water Line Replacement Methods

There are a few different methods used to replace water lines. One is trenchless replacement which uses a special tool that goes into the ground under the water line and pushes it out. Another is the use of a camera to see where the water line is and then using a special drill to replace it. There are also methods that use metal rods that are inserted through the ground and then pulled out.

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Risk for a Water Line Replacement?

A water line replacement is one of the most important home repairs you can make. A water line can burst, causing major damage to your home. If your water line bursts, it’s important to know who is most at risk for a water line replacement.

The most at-risk people for a water line replacement are those who live in older homes or those who have children who play in the backyard. 

Water lines can easily burst if they are hit by a heavy object or if there is an earthquake. 

In addition, homeowners who live in flood zones are also at risk for a water line replacement because flood waters can break the weakened lines.

If you’re worried about your water line, contact your insurance company or a qualified plumber to see if you qualify for a free or discounted water line replacement.

What are the Common Symptoms of a Water Line Replacement?

When your water line needs repair, few common symptoms you may experience.These are: 

Your water is not flowing, rusty water, no water at all, and a strange odor.

If you notice any of these symptoms,call your plumber.

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