What All Should You Know for Getting a Visa for NZ?

Regarded as a Trainee visa, the H-3 visa allows and provides the opportunity for students and individuals to seek competitive training and instruction in the NZ that are not available to them in their home country. Additionally, given to individuals seeking active participation in educational training programs that can help people with disabilities and special needs of children with learning disabilities.

Usually only granted for a period of 18 months, granted to foreign citizens with strong ties to their home country based on residence and family permanent bond that guarantees that after the visa expires, returning individuals to their country of origin. Only 50 individuals are given special H-3 visas each year as part of a Special Category Visa Exchange Visitor. You can navigate https://www.newzealandetavisa.co.nz/ for acquiring more knowledge about electronic visa authority.

If you wish to go to the NZ on this visa, here are the basic eligibility that you must have:

· Seeking training / instruction in the fields of trade, agriculture, finance, industry sector

· You will not be placed in any business operations that employ US citizens

· You will not be put into any active production process unless it is a prerequisite of the training process

· Training that you plan to do will help you get a better job and employment opportunities outside the NZ

· You will not receive medical education or training of graduate level in the NZ

On a positive note, you can bring your spouse and dependent children along with you for a period of 18 months at the H-4 visa. However, the maximum validity of H-3 visa is for two years or 24 months and no extensions are allowed on this special visa. 

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