What Should You do If You’re Involved In a Pedestrian Accident?

Imagine this: You've just dropped off a package at the post office and are heading back to your car. A car comes around the corner and crashes into you as you cross the street. You end up in hospital with multiple injuries and bruises. While you are grateful that you are alive, what should your next step be?

Protect Yourself

The best first step you can take after a pedestrian accident is to hire a reliable accident lawyer from alsayyedlaw.com/personal-injury/. Getting hit by a car causes serious trauma to the human body, and, in fact, will likely result in severe injuries like fractures, back, and head injuries, damage to internal organs, or even death.

Depending on the type of injury received, recovery could take a long time and involve physical therapy, multiple surgeries, or permanent damage that can make it difficult to work and enjoy activities of daily living.

On top of dealing with medical issues, many victims of pedestrian accidents find themselves having serious financial worries as they try to sort out paid and unpaid time off from work, possible job loss, and trying to negotiate for bills to be paid by the driver's auto coverage or their own health insurance.

Your personal injury lawyer will not only help you handle negotiating the best settlement from the driver's insurance company but will also act as your advocate during the critical first hours and days after your accident happens. Your pedestrian accident attorney will be able to ensure that the accident is thoroughly investigated and that key evidence is documented and preserved.

This may mean contacting investigating police departments, taking witness statements, and more. Your lawyer will also act as a buffer between you and the driver's insurance company, ensuring that any statements you give will support your claims.

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