Wood Floor Repair – Why It Pays To Get The Professionals In

Beautiful solid wood floors can look beautiful, creating a sense of style and real individuality and modern and contemporary nuances in any house. There are many types of real wood floors.

Wood flooring can be a great addition to your home, but it may not be the number one choice of many contractors and building contractors. Get some more ideas of woof floor via BSPFloors.com.

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There are different styles of wood floorings: parquet, which is a popular series of flooring pieces arranged in a geometric design; plank hardwood flooring, which are linear and wider planks of wood; and strip, which is linear flooring that is not as wide.

Parquet floor

Parquet wood floors are a very popular choice and one reason for this is that parquet floors can be placed in various different ways, with so many different patterns.
The available patterns are Herringbone, Herringbone Double, one woven basket, treble weave basket and Chevron. You can also choose parquet panels, parquet borders, parquet motifs and parquet floor medals.

Engineering wood floors

The engineering floor can be installed under the bottom, secretly nailed to the existing wood sub floor or emitted entirely to the sub-floor of concrete or wood. The engineering floor is very good if you need to reduce the noise level in a room and they work well with the floor heating system below

Strip wood floors

Strip wood floors, such as engineering wood floors, can be a secret nailed to wood sub-floors or glued to concrete sub-floors but unlike engineering wood floors, they are not recommended to be used with the lower floor heating system. Floor strips are very easy to maintain and can be sanded many times to refresh their appearance to make it a great value for money.

Final wheat wood flooring blocks are available in a number of wood species including Larch Europe, EK Europe, oak smoking, pine and fir. Wood is cut across the growth ring to produce a very different display for achieved by using a more ordinary strip floor. It is very difficult to use and is ideal for areas that experience a lot of foot traffic.