Different Types of Hostel Rooms


When it comes to staying in a hostel, one needs to be careful while selecting the perfect room. You have the likes of dorms which is perfect for those traveling in a group and tight budget. While there are private rooms which are slightly on the expensive side, however, perfect for 2. If you wish to know different types of hostel rooms, then read this carefully.

  1. Dorm Room – As mentioned earlier, this type of room is perfect for those who are traveling in a large group and a tight budget. This type of room is much bigger than other types where you are bound to find 3 to 4 beds. However, a dorm room also comes in different types such as a female dorm, room with shared bathrooms, pod-styled, with or without bunk beds etc.
  2. Private Rooms – If privacy is your number one priority, then this type of room is going to be the best. This type of room also comes with different options such as family, double, twin rooms etc. However, this type of room is much smaller and also a little bit expensive.
  3. Capsule Beds –This type of room is now the latest and newest edition where few come with the bigger room while some come with a library like beds. The different type of capsule beds, however, depends on the geographical location. This type of room is perfect for solitude travelers. However, privacy is not going to be that great.

Make sure you choose your room wisely while staying in Krabi hostels.

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