Facebook Chatbot – 3 Features of Facebook Chatbot

The Messenger Bot is the latest Facebook invention. It brings a new dimension to Facebook Messenger communication. With this feature, you can easily talk to your friends on Facebook Messenger without having to send them messages or private message them. It is also the first social networking program which allows chatbots to enhance the user experience.

There are a few characteristics of a chatbot that make it effective and convenient for Facebook users to interact with. They are:

First, it is highly conversational. It communicates well with its users. Users can ask questions and get replies in a few seconds. The answers to their queries are given naturally. The chatbot can determine how conversational the questions were.

Second, it has the capability to mingle an individual conversation into a larger network of conversations. For example, a person might ask his or her friend if they need a hold for a few minutes, and their friend responds with "oh I'm a bit busy right now" and your friend can reply "cool, it's what I was looking for". So your friend has received a notification on Facebook Messenger Bot about your inquiry and then continues the conversation in your chat box with your friend.

Third, the chatbot can perform multiple functions. It can turn a single inquiry into a large conversation or a group of conversations. The chatbot can also automatically join a group and initiate conversations.

Facebook Chatbots can be initiated in different ways. The primary way is to press the Chatbot button or create a chat bubble in the chat room or through the private message button in the conversation's list. Another is by accessing the pop-up menus within the chats or the messages list, or by clicking the Facebook Messenger Bot icon.

The Facebook Chatbot also lets the user type answers to its questions. So, if your friend asks if they can call you, you can automatically enter "yes" when the chatbot pops up. This feature makes the chatbot more intuitive for users.

Another thing that the Facebook Chatbot brings to the table is that users can easily control the conversation. They can respond to questions and receive a response from other people.

If the Facebook chatbot recognizes a question, it displays a pre-defined answer in a separate box. Then, if your friend wants to ask another question, he or she just needs to click on the "call me" button in the secondary answer box.

Facebook has developed a robust system that ensures that the Facebook Chatbot answers a user question without any gaps. As soon as the user clicks on a question, the chatbot records the response and then recreates the entire conversation in another form.

In addition, the Facebook Chatbot offers a number of capabilities for interacting with your friends. It can open the message conversation, mark a message read, update your status, follow or mute the user and send comments. There are a lot more Facebook chatbot features, but they all rely on a pre-established process.

Apart from all these Facebook Messenger Bot features, it has three basic functions. These are to add friends, follow friends and send messages.

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