A Gorgeous Book Design Is Intended For The Reader

Many budding authors load a program such as MS Word and furiously start typing away until the virtual ink tells them it's time to stop.

Well it's not really that simple or the world would have more writers than readers and that would be bad news for anyone entering into the world of the novelist, the biographer, or the dramatist. If you want to get information on book design  then you can have a peek at https://firewirecreative.com/

Writing, along with book design is a lot more than the mere publication of words onto paper.

Imagine how a picture can look okay outside of its frame yet spectacular once enclosed inside it.

There are many great books that just place on a dusty shelf going quite unnoticed for no other reason than the poor book design.

Good book design is nothing less than an art form, therefore, an integral part of the book, and not just an addition to it.

There's nothing new about book design and it's probably been going on for as long as the written word became popular.

Back in the early days, the book design simply concentrated on protecting the pages by using strong papers that were then sandwiched between hard protective covers.

There are still so many antique books around these days that show the designs were really well thought out as they have faired well against the rigors of time.

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