Choosing the Right Digital Agency in London

Knowing how to choose the right digital agency is the first step to a successful online marketing strategy. Whether it's a new website, a Facebook app, or improving your SEO tactics, who you work with is just as important as the project itself. We've put together a list of tips to help you choose the right digital agency for your business.

1. In-house team: The more work an agency does in-house, the more control it (and ultimately its clients) will have over a project.

Once agencies start to outsource their work, communication can hinder or slow down progress, not to mention the problems that could occur if you ever wanted to change anything. Also, in-house agencies tend to offer better services because their teams are more aware of the overall project, rather than separate parts of it.

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Accessibility Is the Missing Link in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

2. Relevant portfolio: Not only should an agency have a strong sample of work from a variety of clients, but the work also needs to be relevant to your project. Checking portfolios is a great way to see how agency skills match up to your needs. So, for example, if you want to develop a Facebook app, make sure the agency you choose has experience making them.

3. Additional services: A digital agency's role shouldn't stop when the project is delivered, so make sure you get the most out of your relationship. Good agencies will often offer training on how to maintain your new venture, follow up with technical support, and provide some sort of warranty on their project's code.

4. A reliable contact: Because online marketing can be complicated and long-lasting, choose an agency that assigns you a consistent project manager.

This will ensure that you know exactly who to contact and that at least one person knows what is going on with your account at all times. Many agencies will send upper-level managers to give the pitch and eventually hand the project to a junior; ask upfront who you will be working with and when you can meet them.