Aerospace Semi-Downdraft Paint Booth

The semi-spray chamber combines two airflows: Cross draft and Downdraft. The semi-descending airflow construction is based on the principle of descending wave and transverse wave construction. The half chamber cab provides a high quality finish for the chamber finish.

The aerospace spray chamber has a gentle airflow requiring no openings compared to a full cab. They can be designed for all sizes and aircraft types to meet your paint booth efficiency and airflow objectives. Yopu can get more information about downdraft paint booth via

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In a spray booth with half a channel, the supply air enters the upper air supply port. In this case, the supply filter is located on the ceiling near the front of the cab. The Spray System uses diffusion filter media in its semi-lowering chamber to ensure clean and even airflow within the cab.

The steady flow of air in the semi-descending spray chamber is transferred to the chamber from the upper front supply chamber and then begins to move towards the rear of the chamber to the exhaust chamber.

This air is continuously moving back and forth around the sprayed plane as it collects and removes the remaining spray from the surface of the plane. The key to this type of spray booth is to make sure this airflow provides a quality environment for your paint coating.

The exhaust fan in the half-switch spray booth sucks air into the exhaust air filter, which is designed to absorb paint. Face paint fill can be avoided with our special filter design which increases filter durability as it captures paint overflow.