Choosing Candy For Your Vending Machine

The candy you use is the third-largest choice next to the vending machine you pick and the seats you get. Most new vendors never think about the candy they use and how that will affect their sales. I'm just telling you that if you use a really good location without knowing that you use the wrong candy. Another thing to think about when choosing candy is that it's your business and you make the final decision. 

Which type of bulk candy should be used?

It can be a puzzle or stick to statistics. Below are some of the most popular candies that you can place in toy vending machines and are liked by many kids, let's have a look at them.

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Chew Gum:

Gumballs are your best friend in your business. They are the highest-yielding candies you can buy and they are indestructible. Sometimes these rubber balls get really hard and then you want to throw them away. Another thing is don't be cute with the gums. Like sneakers, these things come in different flavors and colors. 

Don't buy colored gum for Halloween because if you don't sell it in a month, chances are that no one will buy it before Christmas. Now we buy meatballs that look like little baseball balls and so we have plenty of time to sell them. If you're just starting out, stick with the basics until you've made some money and settled on your trading route.

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