Custom Name Badges – Getting One For Your Employees

Name tags are labels that are worn on clothing to display the user's name so that others can recognize it. Name badges come in three forms – paper, plastic and metal. Paper IDs can be designed and made in-house, while metal and plastic IDs must be made to order. Various office supply companies have printing departments that handle engraving and printing of labels. 

You should check the badge font and design options before ordering a custom name badge. To see some samples of custom name badges visit

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You will need to fill out an application form when ordering a custom badge. You can also choose the font style, size, colour and background design. When filling out the form everything must be spelled correctly, because after the order is printed it must be reprinted at its own price.

Special plastic card design

Plastic card printers can be used to print plastic ID cards with personalized names. This printer is very affordable for small offices. This machine requires many mechanical parts such as rollers and sleeves to turn the cards for duplex printing. 

All you need to design custom plastic name badges is a digital camera to take pictures of ID cardholders, custom plastic card software for designing plastic badge graphics, and a photo on the card. Plastic card printer and badge holder. A professional digital camera is a great choice for getting high-quality photos.

Software for plastic ID card production

Plastic card printers usually have built-in software for making plastic ID cards. There must be a communication link between the photo scanner and the printer if you want to upload it directly to the printer.

The software must be able to adjust the image quality automatically. The software must have the same office connection with all databases to store complete information.

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