Find Above Ground Winter Pool Cover For Closing

It is important for the above ground swimming pool to be closed for the season. This is to prevent accidents from happening. Another benefit of the closure of the pool is to avoid the collection of debris.

When it left open throughout the season, expect the negative effects that come from the winter. Make the right step in closing the pool you extend the life of your recreational investment.

1. Check for leaks

Start the first step in the above-ground swimming pool with a check for water leaks. This is a quite a surprising tip for the above ground pool owner but this is very important. Even the smallest leak in the pool you can bring the effect of wiping. You can find above ground winter pool cover through

When the water is constantly draining, ice formed on the surface will lose the support. When the warmer weather comes, the ice would crash down, causing your pool wall to be destroyed.

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2. Clean your pool

Prepare pool cleaning agents such as pool brush, vacuum, and skimmer. Use a skimmer net to remove debris floating in the pool. Brush the pool walls and sides using a cleaning device.

Let your pool pump to operate during the day so that the dirt will be collected by the pool filter. Remove all pool accessories that are installed in your pool. Make your spread an easy job to close the winter.

3. Balance and winterize your pool water

Before winterizing water, use a water test kit to check the chemical balance of the water. Having your water balance during the close season will make your pool ready for use in the spring. Follow the instructional guide in applying the chemicals.

4. Remove excess water

Drying allows you to save your skimmer from freezing. Lowering your water level reaches the lower lip of this skimmer. If you live in a cold area, protect your skimmer using a skimmer guard. This is the cover easy-to-install that seals the hollow part of the pool.

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