Flower Arrangements Make Thoughtful Gifts

Flower arrangements are ideal for many different occasions. From table centerpieces during the holidays to weddings and graduations, few things can express emotion like a well-designed arrangement of flowers.

However, few people realize how hard it is to master the subtle nuances of design that are essential to creating an arrangement of exceptional beauty. The Flower Design School can teach you the art of flowers. A combination of sculpture and painting, it is a skill that can take many years to master.

It is a medium that is virtually infinite in its possibilities and makes use of some of nature's most beautiful creations. And as with any good art form, designs can range from the simple and delicate to the complex and exotic.

Creating unique and imaginative flower arrangements requires the artist to understand the tools of the trade. There is much more to a bouquet then simply throwing some pretty flowers into a vase. Not only do different flowers exhibit different physical characteristics such as color, smell, longevity, and blooming cycles, but different flowers are also imbued with different meanings.

White carnations, for instance, are often used for funeral arrangements because they are associated with remembrance. Similarly, sunflowers are often utilized to invoke a sense of adoration. Understanding these various meanings is an essential part of creating quality floral pieces. As with painting, awareness of color is another important aspect of creating high-quality floral arrangements.

Color is one of the primary elements that most people associate with a floral design, and understanding how colors work together can be the difference between something adequate and something truly spectacular. Combining flowers and plants that are complementary in color as well as in structure can often take a long time to master.


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