For Our Children’s Sake, Think Sports Safety

Whether your kid wins the most recent game, you don't want him or her"on the injured list". A huge part of the most damaging injuries to child athletes could be avoided with mouth protectors.

From soccer sports and in-line skates; to leotards and softball clothes, the shopping record for children's sports looks endless. To save money and your child's cute face, add a reliable sports mouth guard to your list of items to purchase.

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Listed below are a Couple of Quick Facts about Sports Safety I typically talk about with my own individual's parents:

* Mouth protectors, Made from soft plastic, are adapted to fit comfortably to the shape of the upper teeth;

* Studies suggest almost 75 percent of oral injury in athletes happens when they are not wearing mouth guards;

* A mouth guard not only guards the teeth but also helps reduce the intensity that can cause injuries, neck injuries, and jaw breaks;

* More than 200,000 injuries are prevented each year by using mouth protectors;

* Soccer, lacrosse, and hockey get a"thumbs up" for requiring protective gear;

* Baseball and basketball get a "thumbs down" for lagging in injury protection.

So, what can parents, school nurses, and coaches do to help? Preformed boil-to-fit mouth guards can be purchased in sporting goods stores. Various types and brands vary concerning comfort protection and price.

Most pediatric dentists have mouthguard programs to create customized mouth protectors. They cost a bit more yet are more comfortable and more efficient in preventing injuries.

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