How Do I Choose A Delicious Craft Beer?

From the hoppin in and out of bars, we have noticed that the selection of beer is a plethora of choices nowadays! Selecting a good craft beer is now an art form that is done only by a few. You may buy the craft beer pack via

To assist you the next time you go to a bar we'd like to give you some guidelines to choose a beverage that is the best for you!

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If you're someone who enjoys exploring different types of craft beers, you'll hate the disappointment of pour recommendations. Are you of the opinion that all craft beers are alike? Have you come across an alcohol list that confuses more than it informs. 

Here are the tips for choosing and enjoying the best craft beer.

  • If you walk into the bar and ask what's best, you're on the verge of failure. If there are exceptions, the service staff are usually busy around and will suggest the first drink that comes you think of. Tap beer, or beers that are near to expiration.

  • Always begin by asking what craft beer is on the menu. Good menus contain descriptions of the taste or at the very least, describe the taste. Remember: beer = bitter. There are a variety of levels of bitterness. For the first time, you should look for an ale that isn't excessively bitter such as a White Ale.

  • The menu may not say much, or if they have a chalkboard in the bar, go for the alternative to ask the bartender. Don't bother with any waitresses. Look for a bartender who is passionate about craft beers and willing to recommend a craft beer. 

  • Be cautious when taking advice, however. Imagine going to a Chinese take-away and asking the guy at the counter to order some spicy food. In the case of beer, you could be tempted to drink getting a sour or a complex beer. Be sure to let him / the person you're talking to know that you're seeking something delicious!

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