Introduction To Leather Bum Bags

The leather bum bag is trendy, luxurious, minimalist and elegant. Ideal for carrying all the essentials. Made from leather full flower highest specification, it is soft and smooth, with a tone of cognac. It is produced by hand as craftsmen work to ensure each belt bag is luxurious and durable, able to withstand the rigors of daily life. 

The mens waist pouch is quite roomy despite the smaller size, and can easily keep keys, wallet, phone and other essential items. It includes various zippers, whether at a front or back. It is made up of leather with the purest quality materials.

Key points to leather bum bags:

Natural Stuff

It is made from cow full-grain leather. Leather is the highest quality available, it is soft, smooth and durable.

Ideal Bag for a different purpose 

The ideal lightweight bum bag for vacation, walking the dog, festivals, hiking and traveling.

Style Sense to both men and women

With a simple design and rich tone of cognac, they are ideal for men or women and perfect for any outfit style accessory.

Luxury Detailing 

Other features include an inner finish in different layers of coating, and comes up with different materials such as YKK flash gold, buckles, adjusting, zippers leather and zippers, one of which can be hidden.

Adjust the belt

For men and women, or crossbody worn around the waist, an adjustable strap makes the bum bag very versatile.

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