Making Sustainable Fashion A Way Of Life

It sounds great, but what does sustainable fashion mean for your wardrobe and the environment? To get a quick overview on sustainable garments like socks keep reading the article.

Organically produced fibers and fabric are truly green. They are free from pesticides and chemicals. Organic cotton is, for instance, made from plants that are not genetically modified. It also doesn't come from soil that has been treated chemically or with pesticides.

People are more aware of the environmental impact humans are having on the planet and the need for changes to ensure that the Earth remains habitable for future generations. Everybody can do their part by recycling and buying organic products.

In recent years, there has been more attention paid to human resources than just the material and energy required to make garments like a pair of sock. Consumers who are conscious of the environment are asking manufacturers to stop child labor and to provide fair wages, reasonable working hours, and access to healthcare to employees.

Modern technologies make it possible to repurpose plastic water bottles into yarns or sweaters. Handbags made out of old rubber tires can be found, as well as shoes and socks made out of old candy wrappers. All things old are new again.

Although some shopping habits, like buying fair trade merchandise, may be expensive and difficult, it is nice to know that the best things for your wardrobe are simple and easy.

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