Quick Guide To Moving Company Services

Hiring a moving company in Toronto is a fantastic way to outsource some, most, or all of your moving duties. And depending on your budget, you can assign a full-service removal or choose the removal service that matters most to you – and thus minimize your stress on the big day.

Each moving company in Toronto you work for will have its list of services, but knowing what to expect in advance can be helpful, as well as services that may not be advertised but you can request if you're interested. You can easily find moving companies in Toronto via doublespace.ca/moving.

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Some essential moving company services:

Packing and unloading

Many people find packing and unpacking the most tedious and time-consuming part, and we fully understand that. So why not skip this step entirely and let your moving company do it for you? Moving companies are packaging professionals, especially when it comes to packing your goods safely in no time.

Furniture disassembly and assembly

Moving companies can prepare your furniture just as they can prepare your small items for moving. This includes disassembling the parts if necessary, packing them safely, and, if you wish, reassembling everything in your new home.

Loading and unloading trucks

Regardless of whether you can't handle this heavy transport or just don't want to, you can hire a moving company to load and unload your truck – even if you're traveling by car. Lifting boxes and other heavy or bulky items can be dangerous, and it can also be difficult to place them efficiently in the back of a truck. Instead, leave it to the experts and save yourself the hassle.

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