Relationship Counseling – How To Communicate Better?

Most couples that come for couples counseling's main aim is to communicate better and reduce the time spend in arguments. Good communication is important as it is the way that couples stay emotionally connected and know that they care for each other and are loved.

Communication is a skill that is partly knowing how to do it and mostly about risking being open and coming from the heart.

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Here are a few key tips gained from my experience as a relationship counselor counseling victims of relationship

  • Being honest and real with each other is a scary thing, but it's the way to go.
  • It is important to maintain a "clean heart" against each other so that if there is something that bothers you, that makes you feel far away from your partner do not let it go, or reduce it – share
  • If you are afraid of having an argument or interfere with each other was worth getting some support to understand your fears. It's important that you be honest with yourself.

Communicating in a relationship is multi-layered. On the top layer are communication skills. These are the practical things you can do to improve communication with your partner which are useful to know and practice.

You might find that you get emotionally triggered despite your best efforts to change how you communicate.

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